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SILK, A musky fragrance and Woody.

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Imagine wind blowing on your face. Iridescent aurora borealis light up the white snowy and silky Scandinavian landscapes as far as the eye can see.

You could be in Norway or on the Lofoten Islands. You marvel at the beautiful and unusual scenery that unfolds in front of your eyes.

The SILK perfume takes its inspiration from this cold and northern world. Like the eponymous fabric, SILK embodies lightness and strength.

Inspired by the Norwegian landscapes in winter, SILK progressively brings in its fresh and delicate fragrance.

White musk, wrapped in Norwegian oakmoss and Cashmere wood, exhale an intense and heady scent.

Olfactory Notes

Note de tête : Musc

Note de cœur : Moss

Note de Fond : Mousse des bois

Perfumer's Words :

I wanted through this musk develop something electrical. Both sweet and disturbing perfume impresses its character on your skin.