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FRESH-SKïND, A Scent <s

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Fresh-Skind finds its inspiration in the small shaded flower-lined streets of Tinghir, an oasis which is a luxuriant green spot in the middle of a mineral scenery, between two mountains in the high Moroccan Atlas.

There you will experience a unique olfactory trip.

Imagine wild unspoiled nature and steep mountains, as the morning freshness gives way to the warmth that caresses your skin. Everything around you is dry: the air, rocks and the cedar wood scents. Suddenly abundance, greenery and life spurt out: melons, blood oranges, lemons, anise, flowers and spices. Imagine you are strolling, enjoying the smells of the market in the heart of the oasis. Let yourself be surprised by the heady smells of spices and wood.

This is the universe Fresh Skind draws on, its well-balanced freshness comes from the fragrances of anise from the Jiangxi province in the south east of China. Florida grapefruit brings vigor and vitality, whereas the violet gives a delicate and immaterial floral touch.

The green warm and dry notes of sandalwood and Atlas cedarwood mix with the animalistic amber fragrance which brings all its specificity.

Fresh Skind: a drastically modern perfume.

Olfactory Notes

Note de tête : Anise, Grapefruit

Note de cœur : Violette, Melon

Note de Fond : Cedar, Ambergris, Sandalwood

Perfumer's Words :

Panache and vitality Fresh-Skïnd modern perfume.
Its balanced blend of anise, violets and wood reinforce its freshness and character.