Extreme Wood

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EXTREME WOOD, A Scent Floral and Woody.

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Exploring the Orient is the source of inspiration for Extreme Wood

Imagine going on an olfactory adventure that starts in the south of Europe. The sun is shining in a cloudless sky. You feel languorous and your senses are awakening. You can smell the exhilarating sweet and floral fragrances of the bergamot of Calabria. A zest of Spanish oranges cuts into the too sultry air with its acid and volatile scent.

Your olfactory trip then takes you to Bulgaria to meet the heady scent of the Damask rose. The next stops are in China with the rich and warm fragrance of jasmine, India where patchouli brings its oriental flavours, and finally Malaysia and its sandalwood coming from the distant Malacca Island. The Extreme Wood odyssey ends in the Persian Gulf on notes of ambergris, whereas cedar wood reinforces its trace and makes it remarkable.

Intensely masculine, woody, invigorating, Extreme Wood is a high precision perfume.

Olfactory Notes

Note de tête : Bergamot

Note de cœur : Rose, Jasmin

Note de Fond : Patchouli, Musc, Ambre

Perfumer's Words :

His touch of jasmine and rose softened his whole Amber and woody. Far Wood is a precision perfume.