La Maison de Parfum SÜS-SKÏND


“Wherever you come from, what really matters is your destination”

A history of travel and encounters

It all started on a winter evening, on a train platform: after many years apart two childhood friends finally meet again. They quickly bond again through their love of perfume and their impassioned conversations. Their ambition is to study the history of perfume and the origins of its raw materials.

Well before that, their love of unusual and colourful fragrances dated back to their Mediterranean origins. As teenagers they used to bring back from their trips to the south fragrances which were barely known in France. They surprised their relatives and friends when they started wearing oud wood, a perfume not yet appreciated by the general public due to its too strong, too animalistic fragrance.

Their youth trips are filled with olfactory memories that bring back emotions. Strong spicy scents and woody fragrances remind them of the faraway villages from their childhood, whereas exhilarating oriental perfumes refer to a world full of alluring, sensual mysteries. Acid and invigorating scents like citrus Cologne and bergamot bring images of oases and orchards.

From all these trips between north and south emerges our two friends’ life path which will progressively be entirely dedicated to the history of perfume, to its creation and to the origins of its raw materials.

Later on, during an incredible flight from Paris to Dubai, destiny will make them meet an extraordinary person: a woman who is a renowned master perfumer in the confidential world of perfume. This encounter will lead to the creation of the first SÜS-SKÏND perfume collection: the Travel Collection.

 Sharing emotions

At the origins of SÜS-SKÏND and the Travel Collection, we find the two founding friends’ desire to create fragrances that reflect them through their very different olfactory sensitivities, but that always combine refinement and strength of character.

For the founders of SÜS-SKÏND, perfume is much more than a combination of molecules and components. It expresses a feeling, a desire that is interpreted by the perfumer to bring to life memories of past emotions or emotions one would like to experience.

This is the vision that gave birth to SÜS-SKÏND in spring 2016. Their promise: take you far away on olfactory trips and to unforgettable emotions.

Grasse, the cradle of French perfume

Since they are faithful to the history of the greatest fragrances, the creators of SÜS-SKÏND perfume have to be innovative. Therefore, they are constantly in search of the ingredient and the substance that will make the difference.

Their aim is to create and follow a unique and unknown trail.

Like orchestra conductors, SÜS-SKÏND perfumers seek, compose and adapt notes which together bring authenticity and harmony. Transcribed into a complex formula, emotion is embodied and carried through the fragrance.

SÜS-SKÏND perfume creators are faithful to ancient perfume making traditions. Once the final formula has been decided on, the next step is a trip to Grasse, the cradle of French perfume making. The best raw materials are selected for the decisive process of weighing.